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Cards Solutions

Card Production

We offer excellent solutions for Production of base cards. VIVA Graphic is the exclusive distributor for Oasys Technologies Ltd. For Card production solutions, offering the complete range of equipment for Tape laying, Collation, Lamination and Punching.

Today Oasys Technologies is one of the world's leading manufacturers of innovative, high efficiency equipment for the production of ISO plastic cards.

Dedicated to progressive technology Oasys has created a range of primary card production equipment for the collation, tapelaying, laminating and cutting of ISO standard credit cards and smart cards.

A range of systems and automation is offered within each function to suit all sizes of card producer while maintaining the same high quality of card production.

Card Personalization

Viva Graphics is a world leader in governmental and industrial high security personalization and mailing technologies, offering integrated system solutions for the processing of ID, Flat Financial and Commercial cards.

Customers can choose from a wide range of modules and scalable high-security software platforms for photo and full face edge-to-edge color DoD inkjet printing, binary DoD inkjet printing, UV digital varnishing, cold security lamination CoolShield, contact and contactless chip programming, magnetic encoding and binary or grayscale laser marking.

The Atlantic Zeiser scalable personalization management software platform allows managing a single personalization system or all systems in a perso bureau. For ID projects it provides an environment to control, monitor and audit all necessary processes from enrollment of citizens to ID documents issuance.

Verification and Fulfillment

With his love of handwork, Otto Kuennecke senior founded a locksmith's shop in Holzminden in 1934. He engaged qualified personnel, bestowed them with trust, looked confidently with entrepreneurial spirit towards the future. He was open and curious about everything that was new. He kept close to his customers to discover exactly what a product needed to make it fit. Trust and reliability, integrity and creativity were the cornerstones of his business: customer satisfaction was the capital for the future. We have kept those principles and continue with them today – with established tradition. The only thing that has changed is the product itself.

Today we are a worldwide leading manufacturer of intelligent machine solutions for the personalisation, sorting and dispatch of security documents such as credit cards, passports and PIN letters. We have won the trust of banks and insurance companies, governments and ministries, whom we may now count among our customers.


The Cards Solutions business has a long history and a prestigious heritage: we started developing rigid PVC films in 1953. Today we are a worldwide and pre-eminent player in the cards industry.

In our 2 plants, in Europe and North America, we produce high quality cores and overlays for all kind of cards.

Our SICO product range:

  • Rigid PVC and PVC/ABS CORES for all card applications
  • Coated and uncoated OVERLAY PVC-AMBS
  • Rolls and sheets
  • Transparent and opaque films, all colours on request
  • Different finish surfaces

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